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MOUSETRAPPER advance 2.0, black/white

Forsiden / Hardware / Tastatur & Mus / MOUSETRAPPER advance 2.0, black/white

MOUSETRAPPER advance 2.0, black/white

  • Type Mus
  • Tegnsæt -
  • Tilslutning Ledningsført
  • Tilslutning USB
2.069,60 ekskl. moms
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- Super-slim, ergonomic design
- Accent colours: white or this year’s colour turquoise
- Control pad with click and scroll functions
- 6 programmable buttons for customisation to your own needs, using MT Keys
- New and improved functionality with MT Keys
- Ability to add user profiles with MT Keys
- New scroll buttons
- Replaceable wrist supports
- Height adjustment with folding non-slip surface
- 2000 dpi

Benefits of Mousetrapper advance 2.0
Mousetrapper advance 2.0 is our top-selling Mousetrapper model, and is
available in two versions with stylish accent colours: white or turquoise.
A total of six programmable buttons give you more options for setting up
Mousetrapper to work exactly the way you want. The cursor speed has been
increased and there is now a completely new scroll function, with buttons for
scrolling up and down. The downloadable MT Keys software has also been
upgraded with significantly more features for advance 2.0. To enhance the
Mousetrapper feel even more a new version of MT Keys for Windows 10 is
now available in Microsoft Store. Replaceable wrist supports make it easier
to keep the product clean. Mousetrapper advance 2.0 has a folding keyboard
support, which makes it equally compatible with new low-profile keyboards
and higher-profile standard keyboards.